Empty Bowls Charity Auction Planned
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Earlier this year we learned that the Empty Bowls Event had been canceled for this year.  Now that has changed. Dennis Ferguson has been contacted by Jen Patten of Goodwill Northern Michigan.  She is reorganizing the event for this year into an online auction. Jen is asking only 2 groups to donate items for the auction.  The Northwest Michigan Woodturners, and a local potter. 

Dennis has taken over coordination of this effort for us.  His email is dennis45th@gmail.com, and his cell phone is 231-492-6475.

Their goal is to have a 40 bowls/items to auction in an online auction in mid-November.  All items need to be in their possession by November 1.  That is a very tight deadline for us to hit, but I am sure we can do it.  And the other good news is that bowls are not the only thing that can be in the auction.  Jen was very enthusiastic about receiving beautiful turned items as well as turned bowl.  So, if you have a yen to turn a box, set of candle sticks, chalises, wine glasses, platters, ornaments, etc, have at it.  VP Jim plans a wedding chalice (captive rings), I think Treasurer Chuck is thinking about wine glasses, and you know President Dave and his projects.

So donate what you really like to turn.  This venue will give us an idea what folks in the community are willing to pay for our items. 

Contact Dennis, and let him know what you are willing to donate, and he will coordinate with you on how to get it to the Goodwill Office.  If you are up against the Nov 1 deadline, you can conntact Jen Patten directly at 231-944-8870 and make an appointment to deliver you donation.  An appointment needs to be made as their office doors are locked due to the COVID situation.