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Frequently Asked Questions
How Many Web Pages Can I Make?
You can make an UNLIMITED number of web pages and/or websites. 90 Second Website Builder is software that generates website files. It is NOT a monthly program nor is it an online platform dependent on some kind of subscription service. It's software you store and run on your PC,  so you are not limited to what you can produce.

Can I Install 90 Second Website Builder on More than One Computer?
Yes. Your license allows you to install and use 90 Second Website Builder on up to THREE (3) computer systems. This makes it easy for you to have a copy at work, home and even on a laptop if you need it.

Do You Provide Support?
Yes! Our phone support is available Monday thru Friday 9am to 5pm PST at (541) 343-3653. Our Support Desk is available 7 days a week. There are also over 100  video tutorials along with a user's manual for quick access to questions you may have.

Can I Get a Physical Copy of the Software?
Yes. 90 Second Website Builder is available on CD-ROM for just the price of shipping and handling.

Does 90 Second Website Builder Use CSS3?
Yes. You have the option of generating page specific style sheets or a single CSS3 file for global settings for your website.  You can also enable the option to generate CSS3 gradients instead of images for better page load time.

Does 90 Second Website Builder Work with HTML5?
Yes. You have the option of generating pages in HTML5, HTML4 or XHTML formats.   You can also generate PHP files for creating dynamic content, forms, database connections, etc.  90 Second Website Builder automatically generates all CSS3, JavaScripts files and other files and directories needed for your website to function properly.

How Do I Receive my Software After I Purchase?
After your transaction is complete, you get INSTANT access to The 90 Second Website Builder. You can download and begin using it immediately. Additionally, we send you an email with your unique license and activation code along with your Members Area login information.

Can I Put Videos on the Websites that I Make?
Yes. It's very easy to put HTML5, Vimeo, YouTube and other videos on your website with drag and drop ease. We even show you how in our video library.

Can I Put Adsense, Click Bank Affiliate Links and Amazon Affiliate Code on  my Website?
Yes. You can put Adsense, ClickBank, Amazon or any other 3rd party code including affiliate links on your website. We show you how to work with and create links in the video library.

Does 90 Second Website Builder Work With WordPress?
The answer to that is "Yes" and "No". WordPress is a BLOG generator and 90 Second Website Builder can generate ANY kind of website. WordPress is a free open source application that comes with most web hosting accounts and relies on a special online platform with limited design capabilities. 90 Second Website Builder has UNLIMITED design flexibility. It does not conflict with WordPress as they are independent of each other and serve different purposes. You can link the websites you build with 90 Second Website Builder to your WordPress blogs ...or any other web page or website for that matter. It's common to build your main website using 90 Second Website Builder (sales page, home page, optin forms, squeeze pages, etc) due to unlimited design flexibility and ease of use. Then, add a WP blog to a sub-domain on the same account (For example http://yourdomain.com/blog).

Can I Import HTML Code...or Add To the HTML Code?
Yes, quite easily. The HTML tool allows you to place any html code you want in the EXACT position you want it. For example, your AWeber auto-responder form code is easy to paste into your page...then drag into place.  Also, you can add code to any section of your page (<head>, <body>, etc.) with the PAGE HTML feature. Additionally, 90 Second Website Builder allows you to import the elements of an existing html page from your desktop or even one directly through a URL online.  We show you several ways of working with outside HTML in the video library.

Does 90 Second Website Builder Have FTP?
Yes. There is a built in FTP function that allows you to publish to your web server with just a click or two. Or you can generate the html files to your own computer and upload them through your web hosting account's File Manager in cPanel, or any other FTP program, if you prefer.

Can I Use 90 Second Website Builder with My Current Web Host?
Yes...as long as your web host provides FTP access, you can use 90 Second Website Builder to publish websites to it. You are not required to use our web hosting services at BlackWire Hosting. While 90 Second Website Builder customers are offered an significant discount for hosting service with  KloudWire Hosting they are not required to host with us. We want you to know that you can host your website with any standard web hosting service. 

Does the Software Run on my Computer or is it Server-Based?
90 Second Website Builder installs and runs on YOUR computer. It is NOT an online web builder - it is NOT server based. It works like any software application that creates documents. You create files on your computer, then upload (publish) them to the Internet when you are ready to.

Do I Have to Create my Site with Your Templates?
Absolutely NOT. The 90 Second Website Builder is the easiest way to build a website from scratch using your own imagination...but we include dozens of templates to help you get started if you want to. They are optional.

Does 90 Second Website Builder Create Search Engine Friendly Sites?
Yes. 90 Second Website Builder generates conventional html/html5/css/php files and creates websites with a finished code that any web design program would create. Search Engines see no difference in a web site created with 90 Second Website Builder or any other conventional editor. Your SEO rankings will depend on how well you market your site, use appropriate keywords and create good content. There are also several SEO settings such as title tags, alt tags, noindex/nofollow, index/follow, etc. available that are easy to use.

Can I Edit and/or Create META Tags?
Yes. 90 Second Website Builder provides you with a VERY easy way to type in your keywords, author name, description and any other META tags by simply typing them into the properties window.  You can also easily add title tags, alt tags and edit your index/follow settings.

Is There a Money Back Guarantee?
Yes...Our 30 Day Money Back Guarantee is explained in detail in the terms of service.

I Don't Have a Hosting Company. Where Should I Go?
We own and operate the web hosting service at KloudWire.com which has been hosting thousands of websites since 2001. 90 Second Website Builder customers get a significant discount at KloudWire, but you are not required to host with us. You can host your 90 Second Website Builder website with any standard hosting service that provides FTP access. Most do, so you can host your site virtually anywhere.

Can I Get This Software for Free?
Yes...You can try the software for 30 days without any obligation to purchase. Sign up for the FREE TRIAL.

Can I Build an E-commerce Site Using this Software?
Yes. You can sell things from your website. There are PayPal tools that are easy to use. But you can incorporate any 3rd party payment system you want.

What If There Isn't a Video Tutorial Available For Me? Can I Request One?
Yes. We love receiving video requests. If we don't offer a video that would serve your needs, please request one.    Just submit a help desk ticket and let us know what you would like to see covered in a video tutorial.
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