90 Second Website Builder Version 15

Below is just a sampling of some of the most popular features in 90 Second Website Builder...

Responsive Web Design
Create mobile-friendly websites with the drag and drop responsive design tools.
Responsive Layout Grid
Produce responsive pages with one page. The grid controls the placement of objects and accommodates the device viewing it with fluid response.
Multiple Video Player Tools
Easily add video to your web pages using multiple tools including HTML5, Vimeo and YouTube.
PayPal Tools
Add e-commerce functionality to your website with the built-in set of PayPal tools.
jQuery Mobile Website Builder
Make app-style mobile websites with the built-in jQuery theme-based Mobile Site Builder.
Animation Effects
Add CSS3 animation to create bounce, fades, wobbles, wiggles, flip, fly, rotate, scale, flash, dim, transform, spring, swing, skew and more.
Full Scale Backgrounds
Make 100% scalable backgrounds. Great for landing pages and lead capture opt-in form pages.
Image Effects
Multiple variations of special effects for images are simple to add to any photo, or graphic. Hundreds of are combinations possible.
Smooth Scrolling
Add smooth anchor/bookmark scrolling to any area of a page for an updated feel and user experience.
Panel Menu
Great navigation tool for SmartPhone sized websites and simple to add to any page.
Drawing Tools
Create an endless possibility of website images, objects, shapes, lines, curves, talk bubbles, bullets, backgrounds, boxes, stars, badges and just about anything you can imagine.
This is a Blog Post Title

And this is the blog article itself.  This set of tools is a quick and easy way to create blog-style posts in 90 Second Website Builder. The layout and look of the post has so many possibilities...

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My Blog
Blog Tool
Add dated blog posts and comments in true blog-like style with multiple styles and layout options.
HTML5 Audio
You can have an audio button on the page as quickly as you can drag and drop one into place.
Facebook Plugins
Add Facebook like buttons and like boxes or add your Facebook Fan Page to 90 Second Website Builder in 2 clicks.
The golfball image to the left didn't display until you scrolled to this section of the page.  That effect was triggered by an EVENT.
Make slider effects with multiple style option and transitions. Use images, text, and just about any other web object. Plus, Carousels are mobile-friendly.
Slide Shows
Slide Shows are easy to implement and a great way to show a portfolio of images, products, photos and more.
Layer Menu
A new menu where the drop down menus are layers. Great for creating advanced mega menus with images, text, form or any other object.
Mega Menu
Build complex menu systems with advanced features with point and click ease. Just select the options and styles you want.
Roll Over Image
Hover your mouse over the image to the left. Add multiple effects to your Roll Over Images and Roll Over Text objects.
Social Media Tools
Add Twitter, Flickr, MySpace, SoundCloud, LinkedIn, Google+, Pinterest, FaceBook, Digg, StumbleUpon, Digg (and many more) to your web page with ease.
FontAwesome and Material Icon Libraries
Fast loading, scalable icons that can easily be customized with size, color, drop shadow, and anything that can be done with the power of CSS.
Navigation Tools
Add custom navigation bars and menu systems to your website. Drag the tool you want to use onto the canvas and select the style you want from hundreds of combinations and colors...or custom make your own.
Slide Menu
Create navigation that can include images (or not) and control how the slider responds (fade or slide effect, expand on hover, background, fonts, borders, colors and much more.)
Photo Galleries
Create stunning photo albums with dozens of display options and special effects including LightBox, Pop-Up Windows and much more.
70 + Ready-to-Use JavaScripts
No coding to write. Just drag and drop a JavaScript feature onto the page for instant functionality. Add Mobile Redirects, Countdown Timers, Social Bookmarks and dozens more.
Google Analytics Tool
Easily accessible from the main ribbon menu, so adding your Google Analytics account information to any page is just one button click away.
jQuery Tabs
Create a menu that displays a lot of content without having to navigate away from the page. Tabbed content areas can contain, text, images, forms, videos, and just about any other web page object.
Search Engine Optimization Tools  (SEO)
Edit, add and adjust all meta tags, keywords, indexing / follow rules, alt tags and all other SEO attributes with a few clicks.
Create easy-to-follow breadcrumb-style navigation paths for your end user.  This simple but powerful tool makes a better experience for your visitor with a "your are here now" feel to your website. Sync with tool with the Site Manager and the process is automatic.
Sticky Layers
Create layers that "stick" to whatever position you want it as the user scrolls down the page.
Password Protected Log-Ins
Password Protect any area of your website for members and private content.
Multi-Level Responsive Menus
Automatically responsive menus optimized for desktop computers and mobile (touch) devices using CSS.
Card title
Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipisicing elit, sed do eiusmod tempor incididunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqua.

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Bootstrap-Style Cards
Cards are versatile and easy to configure. Great for responsive pages too.
Overlay Menu
Use the famous "hamburger" menu on your page for optimal mobile-style navigation and a really cool effect.
ScrollSpy and Affix Menu Effects
Smart on-page navigation for smooth and easy content display using bookmarks and menus.
Pagination Navigation
Make book or magazine-style page navigation with the simple-to-configure pagination tool.
Google Maps
Great navigation tool for SmartPhone sized websites and simple to add to any page.
jQuery Accordion
Add smooth anchor/bookmark scrolling to any area of a page for an updated feel and user experience.
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