Slide Shows
Slide shows can have a number of looks, layouts and variations.  With over 35 transition effects including, puff, explosion, curtain, blinds, fountain, newspaper, swirl and many more, you can get as creative as you want.

Plu,s you can display the actual images using any of several modes including LightBox, Conveyer Belt and Carousel.  Show slides in sequence or random patterns.

The LightBox Gallery now has 5 styles including PrettyPhoto, Slimbox, Fancybox, Magnificpopup and Galleria.

Slides can also be set for FULL-WIDTH mode to fill your page  horizontally.  This makes for a great header.

With dozens of possible configurations, you can make a truly unique and dramatic display of your photos and images with the 90 Second Website Builder Slide Show tool.
The slide show to the right is using the Sequence setting with a simple FADE animation transition effect.  The slides are set to change every 3 seconds.
The slide show to the left is using the LightBox effect with a PrettyPhoto setting.

< -- Click the PHOTO for a demo.
Here's a slide show with a rotate effect.  These are screenshots of websites that were built by 90 Second Website Builder users.  These slides are set to change every 5 seconds.
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